Do you Know what Spray Paving is? I did Not.

Spray Paving seems to be a relatively new way to decorate your floors and increase the value of your home.

Until just recently i had no idea or concept of this technique that is taking Melbourne by storm.

Here in Melbourne there has been a huge increase in the Decorative Concrete and concrete resurfacing industries. From what i can gather they make a concrete mix and some home (unknown to me) they can spray this concrete over existing surfaces to leave patterns, different colors, numerous textures and more.

This seems like a very effective way to hide unwanted aging surfaces and a nice quick easy way to help add more value to your property helping with sales, livability and of course helping with the eyes of the potential buyer.

Most of the company i have come across in my quick research have been migrating over to Spray on concrete from there already successful concrete polishing business, they say that there is much more money on the table for grabs when spray paving is used and to tell you the truth, it doesn’t seem to be the cheapest method of changing your surface color or texture but it does seem to give the best long lasting results!

Here are a couple pictures of the Kind of concrete spray on that i am talking about.


11Ballarat rd7As you can see this is a very light cover but apparently it is strong and long lasting.

I can think of many different reasons to use this from Covering Cracks that can not be repaired effectively to creating a cool pattern on the ground for schools so they can play games and no longer need to continually paint the ground.

If your looking for a great way to improve the value of your house take a look into Spray On Concrete.

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Why a City is Not simple!

So it turns out i have named my whole website wrong!

satellite dish antennas

satellite dish antennas

life in the city seems to be far from simple!

Before i began my move into the city i thought to myself long and hard, i thought about things like:

  • How will i find my way around a city? (A farm was hard enough)
  • Am i going to get FAT now i am so close to fast food   (its happening)
  • Will it be hard to make friends in my local area


So now that i have been in the city zone for some time now i have decided that i will address some of these questions and see if City life really is as simple as my url says that it is!

Question 1: How Will I Find My Way Around a City

Answer: This was so much easier than i had actually imagined. There are trains and bus systems that take your everywhere and they all have maps on the side of the road so you can stop and have a look! Perfect, i had learned my first approach! TELECOMMUNICATIONS! My samsung galaxy was amazing until it died the other day in the gutter. That thing had my BACK in any situation i could bring out the galaxy and find my location and the fastest way to get there.

Cant thank you enough samsung, your the best and will be soon replaced with my new toy, samsung two.


Question 2: Am i going to get fat now i live so close to fast food!

Answer: Yes, it is already happening and i have found myself paying for a gym membership because of this, and the fact i am guilty as sin for eating every burger that has touched my teeth!

Not sure how i am copping with this new weight gain but it sure is a touchy subject so before i have a cry its best we moooooove along.


Question 3: Will it be hard to make friends in my local area

Answer: Harder than imagined. You know, you would think moving into a big city with a population in the millions that there would be at least a 100 nice people to meet and carry on commerce with but you would be sadly mistaken.

It seems in the city everyone is a zombie or a robot! Its amazing but you need to check it out for yourself.

The zombies just walk around with there head down looking at there wan-a-bee Samsung and they continue this all day until they make it back to where they initially left. It seems so sad that these people could all be sharing some information and experience with others however they are zombies and thus brain dead so we may as well focus on the robots!

The robots are a little more special, they can actually communicate with each other and one another. It seems that these robots still need a bit of work however as they all seem to go on about the same crap, over and over again.

I defiantly hand the cards to the robots though as they are more proactive than the zombies and that means they are more likely to be the kind of people i can meet up with an befriend.


so in conclusion life in the city is just as complicated as it was back in the farm lands and it seems no matter where you look its always going to be the same.

So i am of to get me Mc Donalds!

C ya


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A Floor That i Adore!


Have you ever walked into a building and been blown away by what it is laid out in front of you?

A magnificent floor that stretch out to the end of the room, it instantly drew my attention and my eyes hit the ground for a closer inspection. I asked the owner of this structure i had just walked into, How on earth did you get your floor looking so slick, modern and marvelous?

The owner, who was very happy to here me, said… It has had a Concrete grind and seal from the team down the road.

I must say that i have probably walked over a lot of ground that had been ground down and sealed in my time however this was so much more noticeable, the concrete texture under the seal was dark but colorful and had a lot of little flickering flecks that i gather were some form of quartz.

Non the less this building has inspired me to get myself a house in the big city and create my own dinning area out the back with its own magnificent stony floor structure. I find it a mix of the old and the new, certainly not anything that would be found back on the farms iv recently moved from but defiantly, i could make this a thing there too!

So i done some reading up on the subject and found that this is a big thing in 2015 and there are many places constantly going up with nicely ground then finely sealed floors all through the big city’s almost around the world.

It sure is a strange thing to find that you still behind the eight ball when it comes to daily city life and the things it offers but i am resting easy on this one because i now have a new love for floor fashion that i could have only grown had i not know.




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Hey Yal!

Welcome to my blog! i have lots of cool info coming up that i would love to share with you all!

I love the way the internet allows us to all communicate instantly! So if its the universe or my mother that is out there reading this, hello to you! My blog is going to be about living in the big city. Growing up i only lived in the most wilderness, wildlife, adventurous places……. I lie i lived on a farm with cows. But anyway i am here to talk to you all about the big shift into city life so come back and share your experiences in a few weeks. By then things will be rolling!!!

To contact me earlier go follow this link to the contact page PEACE!

or follow me to the front page now

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